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The big joke is that married people just don’t have sex because it stops the moment that they are pronounced man and wife. This joke probably stems from the statistics that show that people do have sex less frequently as time goes on in their marriage. Isn’t that sad? Sex is one of the most natural forms of pleasure and one of the best ways to connect with your partner and help express your love. It’s natural for things to feel more comfortable and familiar when you’ve been with the same person for awhile and it’s easy to let life’s stresses get in the way of sex sometimes, but just like all other aspects of your marriage; you need to work on it a little to keep it going strong. With the right attitude, you can even make it better as time goes on!

Here are 10 ways to keep things hot in your marriage:

  1. Sleep naked! The feeling of skin on skin and just the heat of two bodies touching will get things stirring down below.
  2. Try sex toys! If even just browsing them online together or just looking through a sex shop can be like foreplay; imagine what using them will do!
  3. Surprise him! Leave a note in his briefcase telling him how hot he is or what you’re going to do with him when he gets home.
  4. Share your fantasies! Most are probably better left as fantasies and not acted on, but share them just the same to get things going and remind him how sexual you are.
  5. Get Down! A man loves good head and most complain that blowjobs are non-existent after marriage. Try waking him up with one so he starts his day right!
  6. Be affectionate! Men need to feel loved too and by always remaining affectionate; you are making him feel great and always connected to you.
  7. Wear lingerie! It doesn’t need to be anything to elaborate for him to love it. Wear sexy panties and bras and teddies under you clothes and around the house.
  8. Learn to give an erotic massage! This doesn’t need any explanation, does it?
  9. Go for a change of scenery! Take a road trip or just check into a local hotel for the night. Hotel sex is hot plus it gets you alone and away from the kids so you can let loose and be as loud and dirty as you want!
  10. Always say yes to sex! It never fails; a man will always roll over and press up against you the second he and his penis wake up, regardless of whether you’ve had a late night or have some bad morning breath, but always saying no could lead to him feeling rejected and withdrawing if not straying. You may not be in the mood, but once things get going it always feels good and you’ll be glad you let it happen. The less sex you have, the less desire you feel, so its crucial to keep the momentum going in order to avoid losing it all together.

Never forget how important sex is to a marriage and always try to remember how good it feels and how good it is for you both. LOL