Stop Divorce (3 sessions)

Start date: March 9, 2019 - End date: March 31, 2019

Time: 20 hours 30 min

Couples Coaching

This coaching package includes 3 telephone or video conference sessions. Are you and your spouse on the verge of a divorce? Do you feel that you have tried everything including counseling with a therapist but it only made things worse? Are BOTH parties willing to give it one last effort before throwing in the towel? If you and your spouse are both willing to work with me or if you are the husband who is losing your wife, call me. I can help. I’ve helped couples who were fighting daily and had already filed divorce save their marriage. Unless there is physical abuse or chronic cheating, there is always hope! Using NLP and positive mind techniques, I will help you save your marriage and get it back on track! Of course nothing is ever guaranteed because you can’t control what someone else chooses to do but what you can do is create the atmosphere that opens the door for the relationship to turn around. I have had very good results at doing what no one else could do- saving marriages that had lost all hope.