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The Science of Attracting Love Relationship Help Book


I have been shot in the chest, had a heart attack at 30, almost died during childbirth twice, unknowingly married a bigamist and almost died 5 times. Even with all of that, my most challenging life lesson was learning how to heal childhood trauma and debilitating beliefs so that I could attract a healthy, whole, loving relationship and do it as a single, divorced mother of two! 

As a pre-med Biology graduate, I did an experiment of going on over 100 dates and interviewing over 3,700 men, women, and couples so that I could learn the secrets of attracting a man. 

My life transformed when I went on a spiritual, self-healing journey while applying the advice in this book so that I could attract the right man God selected for me. Ultimately, I married my soulmate, who happened to be my high school sweetheart and life-long friend, two years later.

In this book, I share this journey and the lessons learned and give advice mixed with old school rules, the science of human behavior, and the Law of Attraction to help empower singles seeking true love while navigating the dating scene.



About The Author

Shay “Your Love Diva”â„¢Levister

Shay Levister also known as “Your Love Diva” is a certified dating and relationship coach, author of a best selling dating guide, and speaker with a thriving coaching practice that helps men and women all around the world. Shay has appeared in a number of published magazine articles as well as on radio and TV shows. She has spoken around the world and has also coached several celebrity clients and helped them attract love. Shay is most passionate about helping single women find love with the right and perfect person for them. This requires that they implement the behaviors Shay teaches that will drive them closer to attaining the love experience they deserve and desire. Her long-awaited relationship help book is sure to transform lives!