Why you should Just Say NO to pics of the privates!

DIVAS, we need to talk. This whole business of men sending photos of their junk to women and asking for pic of yours is nonsense! It’s also gross, degrading, and a very bad strategy for finding a forever partner.

In case you haven’t encountered it, here’s how it happens: You sign up on a dating website, and you start getting responses, and maybe you check out a few of them, maybe chat a while online or even over the phone. And then, bam! He sends you a pic of this penis! What? You are not having sex, and as much as we enjoy the organ when it’s attached to the right man, this is never the way you want to be introduced to it. You feel uncomfortable, at best, maybe even violated in a digital sort of way. And this is not a phenomenon reserved for the younger ladies – I’ve talked to women in their 50s getting this garbage.

But that’s not all, Ladies. More and more men are asking women for photos of their vaginas. Seriously? It’s not enough that they have victimized us with images of their ugly little man, but now they have the nerve to think we might want to admit them into the inner sanctuary of our bodies after that? Or maybe worse, that any self-respecting woman would want photos of her vajayjay floating around in cyberspace. Does any part of this sound like a good idea to you? These type of men objectify women and often are sexually dysfunctional and predatory, you do not want that scary stuff in your life.

How should you deal with these kinds of unwanted requests? Simple. Just say no. 

Then delete any and all contact you may have had with that individual. Unfriend them, unlike them, unfollow them, un-anything you did with them. Delete their number, their photos, everything. Wipe that gross idiot from your life. 

What’s that? They are all asking for pics and you think you’ll never find a date if you don’t give them what they want? Let me ask you something, do you really want to have a relationship with a man who thinks that this sort of thing is normal and acceptable? No, you do not. Trust me, there are plenty of good men in the world who would never stoop to such crass behavior, and DIVAS, you are looking for a good man, a gentleman with a sense of right and wrong, a man who will respect you and honor you. 

Sending you dick pics or asking for that kind of photo from you is neither respecting you nor honoring you in any way. 

Delete, delete, delete.

You are better than that. Way better. You are a DIVA – a Divine, Intelligent, Vivacious, and Alluring. If you need help remembering that, or learning how to access that divinity, check out my book and relationship coaching services here and find your way to a life of real love – not the kind where smarmy guys ask you for unacceptable photos.

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