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After doing all of this writing on single moms who date, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at what’s out there about dating single dads. As mothers, we’re likely to be attracted to other single parents since it’s not only something that we have in common, but we’re more comfortable dealing with a man who we know for sure won’t freak out about the fact that you are a mother.

After reading this article on, it made me feel good to know that single dads do go through something similar. It was a nice reminder that not all men who leave their baby-mama’s are bad news or deadbeats and that in fact, there are a lot of great men out there who cherish their time with their kids and are having the same trouble looking for unconditional love that women are. It was quite endearing reading the views of single dads who are trying to balance work, kids and dating.

The article gives similar advice to single dads that I do to my single DIVAS in my book, The Single Moms Dating Guide to Catching the Man of Your Dreams in 30 Days. It covers the importance of not bringing everyone you date around your children and to be very cautious as to who you do introduce to them and also explains that bringing a constant string of dates around will further plant the seed that the people you care about always leave which is especially damaging since children have a tendency of feeling that way because of the divorce in the first place.

It was also pretty funny to read the perspective of the single dads who all mentioned that while being a single dad makes it hard to find the time to date; it actually makes it really easy for them to get dates because being a dad seems to be some kind of a ‘chick magnet’! How true is that?? LOL Seeing a man with his child can make even the hardest woman melt to a puddle of goo!

It also mentioned that there are women out there—single moms included—who aren’t too big on the idea of raising someone else’s kids just as there are men who aren’t up for it. I can relate. A man may find you more appealing because of all the qualities that you possess thanks to being a mother, but at the same time; finding the patience to deal with issues concerning kids that are not their own can be hard.

All in all it was a great article with good tips for single dads who are dating or for the women who are involved with a single dad.