Sick and tired

Sick and tired?


Ever the bridesmaid but NEVER the bride?

Do you have a great career, possessions, a great life- but still feel that something is MISSING? 

Does the thought of online dating TERRIFY you or turn you off? 

Are you STILL waiting on that marriage proposal? 

Do you have that SINKING feeling that you’ll never get married or find love? 

Do you fall for the same “type” of person EVERY time?

Did she break your heart AGAIN? 

Is your PAST stopping you from a better future?

Sick of the dating games and don’t understand ALL the rules?

Tired of showing up to events with NO +1?


Wonder if you’re in the RIGHT marriage?

Can you SAVE your failing relationship?

Do you want MORE than he/she has been willing to give?

Did your spouse fall OUT of love?

Are YOU falling out of love? 

Do you feel like the two of you are more like ROOMMATES? 

Ever wanted to talk to someone who WOULDN’T judge you or your significant other so you could find true love again?

It’s NOT too late for you, no matter what stage of life you’re in!