Hi Shay,

I have come so far since our coaching session! I know it's been years and you probably don't remember me, but I'm now married and eight months pregnant!! He's a wonderful Christian man. I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos and advice and everything. I recommend every single woman struggling with love to work with you. You're amazing and beautiful and I have so much respect for you. I love seeing your family and you do happy.

--Bethany O'Leary

I had the opportunity to attend the DIVA class with Shay the Date Diva.It was such a great experience.

Shay is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to help you get a man, help you be more confident and attractive. She has great affirmations, meditations and homework (yes y'all: it's a real class!) It's a really thorough and fun class with a lot a lot to learn. As a professional full time student, it was kind of hard for me not to fall behind. What do you know? Shay matched us with a partner who would make sure that we stay on track...which was pretty helpful.

Shay does not promise love in 30 days, but she does promise that you will see changes in your life and will attract more men. I did see changes in my life even after 2 weeks. I have always been confident, but my confidence now is way up there (which helps me a lot at school also, where I interact with very competitive people). By following what Shay thought me, I was able to stop traffic a few times 🙂 Literally. I am telling you: it's just a good feeling!

Also, seeing a difference in the type of men that look/smile at me is great. Knowing that by the way men smile at you they are thinking : "Hmm, what an interesting and attractive young woman. She definitely has that "it" factor" instead of saying "I'll hit that" or 'sup shorty?" puts a big smile on my face.

Something else that Shay talked about and that I value a lot is that it's ok to not have sex before marriage and that a man who really loves you will wait. Nothing, no tricks in bed will make a man stay or love you. Period. Shay will show you what to do to find a man who will love you, cherish you and will respect your values. She will guide you and answer your questions Love you Shay!

I highly recommend her class to any woman. Shay, this class should be a pre-marital requirement for all the ladies.


Shay's class really helped me understand what a healthy relationship really is. Since taking her courses and videos I have definitely attracted more male attention and have even gone on a couple of dates! Through working with Shay I came to the difficult decision of letting go of a long-distance relationship that was dragging on and going no where.

I decided to give myself time to heal and came to the conclusion that I am not completely ready to move into a new long term relationship at this point. I'm enjoying the time I spend with men and having a great time! (no sex involved) I am looking forward to building friendships with men which really is the foundation of a healthy, loving, romantic relationship.


Hey Shay,

Your online course was very helpful in getting my mind right to attract love!!! I had some residual negative baggage from some past relationships, but I have let them go!!! I continue to work on myself because I can only attract a man who will match where I am. I have seen some positive changes already. I recently met a young man through blackpeoplemeet.com

We went out on a first date to Starbucks on Memorial Day weekend and we are planning a second date. I can't tell if this is a great match, but he is easy to talk to, gainfully employed and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. The more dates I go on, my confidence builds and that's a good feeling. I am adding more tips to stay a DIVA. Keep make-up on but not too overdone, stocked up on scented lotions thanks to Bath and Body Works sales, and shaving my legs regularly....that's actually a bit challenging 🙂

am workng to remain positive about who else may enter into my life and I keep the affirmations on sticky notes in my daily planner so they are always with me. Sometimes doubt does creep in...but I tell myself "CANCEL CANCEL, RESET"!! This is embarking onto new territory and it's exciting and makes me nervous too. I've done the guided visualizations many times, I plan on adding more to my vision board and I have a copy of your book "DIVA Don't Get Played". All of them very valuable tools and I thank you soooo much for them!! I try to make time for planning dates because I am currently working and going to school, but it is absolutely worth it!! There have been a few men I've encountered who I could tell right away were a "don't wanter" and stopped communicating with them. The DIVA does not have time for those type of men!! THANKS AGAIN SHAY and remain blessed!!! I look forward to getting my graduation certificate.

--Renee Martin


Thank you for doing what you are doing. I am a single mother and just turned 35, I am ready to start over and wait for the right man for me. I just wanted to say thank you for being there when I needed to hear the basics again. To have someone remind me of how valuable and worthy I am to be loved. To remember how this all works. You are an inspiration and I needed this advice. I will definitely be passing along the good news that there is hope and when the time is right I too will have love come my way. God bless you and your family.

--Heather Brody


Shay I had no idea, what a testimoney! 2009 I almost died at 32 from a heart issued that developed after my heart got broken, but my heart returned to normal and my doctor was shocked. I never told you but watching your videos last year aid was a big part of my recovery| I wouldn't have made it 33 2/12| Thank you & God Bless You!


hey girl

i just wanted to thank you cuz you really changed my life i learned so much from your book and your videos, i tell all my girls about you ! I had a big issue when my bf wouldnt pay attention to me and kicked it with his boys or what not.. but the phrase.. i believe it was in your book.. 'a dog will always come back for his bone' lol i just say that 2 myself and it calms me down because its soo true. (that was my xbf anyway) I got a new boo and he treats me so good because I learned how to identify a good man!! this among all of the wisdom u have shared with us.. miss you on youtube.. dont let the haters bring you down girl.. youtube is a really big door, and i believe you can really do your thing if you make more videos.. this way you can reach as many divas as possible 🙂 i hope you write a new book for us soon, also your really beautiful 🙂 well i'll let you go now take care and if theres anything you ever need im here THANK YOU !!! :):)

--Nicole Nikki Wogwim

Hi Shay!!! I LOVE your book, "Mommy D.I.V.A Don't Get Played!" I'm in the Ivy League, LOL!!! Your wisdom is GREATLY appreciated. I hope you reconsider deleting your Youtube page. I love your channel. Take care. 🙂


hi Shay i just discovered your videos. i adore you love all your advice. it really means a lot to me and has been very helpful. keep up the great work your an inspiration.


I saw your advice featured in the new Essence mag. Keep up the wonderful work.


Hi Shay! I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and your advice helps me out so much! Thank you!


Girl I have'nt even bought the book yet. Just from watching your videos on youtube and implying them into my life has changed my life tremendously. I have only been watching these videos for two days and I have men coming at me left and right. This is crazy! It's only been two days but this stuff works.


I just think you are a God send. You are very smart and pretty. You have helped me so much to see my mistakes,! I am definitely going to buy your book. Thanks, Susan


I just would like to say hello and thank you. You have a message and that is to tell and share with others about several different meanings. I can not lie to you I did view all videos and posts but, I have done some research. I have to admit I love both books! As I mentioned above you have a message...The message you gave me was finding the courage to be successful. I am a young woman who is now a successful writer! I put all my past drama into writing and talk to young teenage girls and women on how to change there lives around. I thank you again because with you I wouldn't be where I am now! =) I love what your doing! God Bless


I think everybody needs to pay at least one visit to shay's channel.


Great advice!! Keep up the good work!!


really enjoy your videos


Your videos are AMAZING!


I read your book in a few hours. Normally, I'd keep my hair wrapped up and wear sweats when I go to the store but yesterday I got fully dressed and I turned a few heads. Right now I'm dating the Romanticizer and you said I should run. But dont they eventually find love too? After reading about his type, hell never get this until he put a ring on it and I'm gonna continue to date others. Thanks for the book!


shay diva. i just wanna say because you i have accepted..... my brown skin . that's why i got my picture up on here i 've learn to accept myself for who i am ,i love myself all because you gave me advice a while back about loving your brown skin 🙂 god bless you in your life 🙂


Let me tell you something. Shay I just want you and everyone to know how right Shay is on the message she delivers to women and younger women like myself . The real truth, and there is no denying, as right now in my own life where I have seeked to take an approach differently from before where it relates to dating relationships. It is so crucial, very necessary to feel out someone for a period of time before commitment can take place. Sex should be the farthest thing until stability and 2ppl deciding to be in a committed relationship has taken place. And it is given that that can be established after the get-to-know you more stage.


Love ur vids...you really encourage me to keep my virginity, and i'm proud to be a virgin 🙂


Love ur vids...you really encourage me to keep my virginity, and i'm proud to be a virgin 🙂


yeah her advice helped me block certain people on my facebook! Thanks for helping me find the courage to let certain people go.


your video on how to break up with a KIND guy (but not the RIGHT guy) was exactly what i needed to hear. it was such a blessing to hear you suggestions and apply them to my life. i was so discouraged but now feel much more confident about breaking it off with my "kind" guy. thank you so much!


Shay diva. i believe God use u to help , women that were clueless about men . god bless you in your life 🙂

youre my idol 😉


Hey Shay, just stopping by to say hello and I hope you are doing well. Girl a lot of things you say are right on point. Your videos are very informative. Keep them coming please. I am running into a lot of women in their late 30s and 40s who are putting up with stuff that they shouldn't. It's nice to know that someone is trying to helpsome women. Thanks, girl, Peace!


Shay! I got your book!!!! I loooveee it...tho i already found my soul mate I am reading it. I know you are getting married so i want to wish you nothing but happyness, joy, health and stay beautyful and positive as you are now. Yer my role model. Much Love: Sooz <3<3<3


Shay Diva . . . you are the best. Love your videos! You should have your own show on TV! You are REAL and BEAUTIFUL!


Please women ignore this advice...I fear it will put bad boy stud players like me out of options.


Amazing. Your advice is right on.


yo,from brasil,peace and love beautiful


Thank you for helping people. You are a blessing to many. Keep up the great work. Peace,love,and abundance to you! –Kevin Hey DIVA! Fellow ATLien here.. can't express how much I love your vids! You are... REAL!! Although I am not an African American woman, Puerto Rican actually, your words are applicable to anyone. Keep posting. 🙂