Shay Your Date Diva is the Author and Creator of “Single Moms Dating Guide to Catching the Man of Your Dreams in 30 Days!”

It’s true that there are men who run the other way when they see a single mom because they simply don’t want to have to deal with kids, but did you know that more men are likely to be attracted to a single mother?

When a man sees a wonderful woman with her child(ren) or listens to her speak of them, he instinctively feels drawn to her because men were made to pair up with women who would be good mother, so they are naturally attracted to those women that seem as if they would be a good mother to their children. Another reason that men are attracted to women with children is because they see them as nurturing and loving which is especially important to a man who is looking to settle down. There is something about a woman with kids that makes her seem grounded and stable and strong—also very appealing qualities to a man.

There are also physical attributes that mothers have which other women don’t; sometimes it’s a rounder belly, a fuller chest or just all out more womanly and we know men love that! Women who have had babies radiate a certain sexuality that other women don’t. It’s not so much a physical thing as psychological because to have gotten pregnant, we’d of had to have sex obviously and since women were created to have babies and men to spread their seed so-to-speak; a woman who has kids has obviously lived up to her role successfully. Men don’t consciously think this of course, but just the same way that a man instinctively feels the need to protect and hunt, he also on a deep level is drawn to a someone who can successfully have his babies.

Now that I’ve covered all of the subconscious stuff, I can break it down into terms that we all can relate to. A man wants to feel like a man as much as possible and this includes everything from being with a woman who sings his praises and tells him how great he is, to competing with other men to be better than they are and win the affections of a woman who may be hard to get and offer a challenge. As a single mom; you have been there and done that. Some other man managed to make an honest woman of you and make you a mother to his children but then didn’t succeed as a partner, so automatically this causes a bell to ring in a man’s brain that tells him that he wants to win you over, take care of you and your child(ren) and prove to you, himself and everyone else that he is not just a better man than you last, but THE man. It sounds egotistical and pretty strange, but again, it is just the way men happen to be wired and they do this naturally without even realizing it.

Anyway my sexy DIVA, be proud of who you are and of your children and allow yourself to be loved. You deserve it.